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We provide various industry solutions for high-precision positioning.


We Are A Creative BD Team Dedicated To High-precision Areas.


Service must be good

15 years of GNSS working experience.

- Richard Pan -

Business Development Director


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Passionate Engineer with Creative Imagination commited to UAV, LiDAR & System Integration.

- Seven Zhao -

BD product manager


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A dedicated engineer that knows something about every industry solution

- Jim Wang -

BD product manager


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An experienced programmer and engineer with a passion for GNSS solution and opensource.

- Nander Yang -

BD product manager


Service is better than Cathy

A creative engineer dedicated to GNSS marketing and systems integration.

- Eric Cui -

BD product manager


Service is Cathy's favorite.

Cathy will want you. Cathy will like you. Cathy will love you.

- Cathy -


Our Blog

We are a creative team, we find the requirement and create solutions. Design & development is our passion.

  • Seven Zhao.

    enabling post-processing ability of UAV related industries by integrate CORS(cloud base source) in ppk go software to expand the CORS user groups.

    Coming Soon...
  • Nander Yang.Dec 12, 2020

    Cell phone high-precision navigation exploration (technical article)-Satellite Map and Rinex Logger

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  • Nander Yang.Oct 13, 2020

    Economical GNSS Chipset for Application in Structural Health & Deformation Monitoring Solution

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  • Jim WangOct 3, 2020

    Research and Evaluation of the Precision and Accuracy of UWB technology utilization in the Indoor Positioning Solution

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