Agriculture Guidance Solution

We are dedicated to the application of precision agricultural equipment. Hi-Target AG platform technology will let you get the job done quickly, easily and for less monetary outlay.With its straight driving accuracy up to Ā±2cm, this system can be widely used in ditching, planting, fertilizing and harvesting, etc.


Agriculture Application

  • Quick Installation. Easy to install within two hours
  • Accurate endurance even without signal
  • Automatic fault diagnosis
  • Ground-based/satellite-based enhancement differential correction support
  • Multi-purpose machine for cost-saving
  • Voice notification and real-time alarm

Technological change in agriculture

Draw a straight line across the land. Efficient Agriculture.

Precision positioning with multiple GNSS constellations. Precision Agriculture


Here you can download the materials available including datasheet, brochure, presentation, etc.


  • FARMSTAR-F2 (Brochure)

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Product Information